Locksmith Services


Colorado State safe and lock provides a trove of locksmithing services with the quality and workmanship you care about 

Key Duplication


With over 1000 types of keys out there, Colorado State Safe and Lock is up to date and resourceful when it comes to key duplication. With a wide variety of keys in both security level and style you can rest assured that we will take care of you. Visit our Colorado State Safe & Lock Location for your set of keys today

Code Cutting

Sometimes key duplication is not a viable solution. Keys become old and worn over time and no longer function in the fashion they used to. Sometimes keys even get lost and all you have is the lock to show for it. Luckily at Colorado State Safe and Lock we provide a code cutting service that can fulfill your key cutting needs in a flash.


Lost your keys? Lock doesn’t have a code? That is totally fine because Colorado State Safe and Lock provides Key impressioning services as well. Our highly trained staff is more than ready and willing to create a key from scratch with our key impressioning service.


Let’s admit it. “We Have all lost our keys at least once.” Sometimes the problem isn’t even that you have lost your keys the darn lock just won’t open. Here at Colorado State Safe and Lock we offer a picking and drilling service in our shop and out on the field to get you back in and keep you secure.


Had to let someone go? Have your tenants moved on to their next facility and didn’t return the keys? Have you lost that all important master key and now your facility is unsecured? Do not fret Colorado State Safe and Lock provides a rekey service both at the shop and on the field.

Lock Repair

Don’t feel like paying for a new lock and replacing it. Some locks are still salvageable even though they do not function. Our trained staff is more than happy to work on your locks and security devices and get them back to proper function.


Nobody likes the frustration and effort it takes to install new security equipment. Let us do it for you. Colorado State Safe and Lock makes it simple and easy to get your hardware up and running.